The Airborn FishDeck is an amazing solo fishing craft. It weighs only 28 pounds and, when deflated it can be carried in a backpack. It will float an adult angler in just 2 inches of water. It can be paddled from a stand-up position, SUP style, or you can paddle it sitting on an ice chest using a Kayak paddle. The 34-inch beam makes it very stable for standing to cast. Use it to fish bonefish, trout, pike, carp, or you name it. Carry it in the trunk of your car or car top it. Stand Up Paddle Boards are the fastest growing category of small fishing craft and the FishDeck is a leader in this field.



Versatile.   Stand up to paddle or paddle it kayak style by sitting on your cooler.

Stable.   The 34 inch beam makes the FishDeckTM much more stable than most SUPs.

Shallow Draft.   The 6 inch drop stitch construction floats in less than three inches of water.

Light.   Only 28 pounds.

Multiple D-rings.   Fifteen D-rings are strategically placed for securing a cooler and other accessories.

Bungee Cords.  Bungee cords are provided to secure paddles and other gear.

Easy to Anchor.   The patent-pending split tail design allows quick anchoring when approaching fish.

Family Fun.    Not just for fishing. Something the whole family can enjoy.

Guaranteed.   Two-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

Affordable.   $1250.

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“I have owned Avon rafts, a cateraft, two kayaks and many float tubes but none of those were as much fun to fish from as the FishDeck.”


Mark A., Boseman, MT

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