Airborn 360

Airborn 360

The Airborn 360 is a unique system unmatched in the industry. As a boat, it allows two anglers to target fish as a team on saltwater flats, in the shallows where bass spawn, or drifting a river for rising trout. “For solo fishing, the floor can be removed and it becomes the ultimate high performance fishing SUP.(See FishDeck™ for more information about the paddle board features.)


Versatile.   Pole, row or motor it. Quickly converts to a SUP.

Stable.   The FishDeck high pressure floor and wide beam (54”) allow two anglers to comfortably stand up and cast.

Packable.   Packs down to fit in the trunk of a car.

Roomy.    32 inch inside width, twice as wide as most kayaks.

Shallow Draft.   Draws less than five inches of water.

Light.   The 360 hull weighs only 58 pounds.

Quick Set Up.    Sets up and is ready to launch in about 15 minutes.

Family Fun.   Use it for family adventures, swim raft, dive raft, Stand Up Paddle Board.

Guaranteed.   Two-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

Affordable.    $2850 with optional high-performance rowing frame.$2250 without the frame.

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"I caught one of the biggest carp I have ever landed from the Airborn 360."


Justin O., Reno, NV

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